Proposal: all "original" attributes should be within the Unified CJK Ideograms. "element" may be outside of the unified CJK, provided these is an "original" attribute with the closest unified CJK ideogram.

Radical to use for and variants

Right now, the radical being used is 0x8fb6, which is part of the Unified CJK ideograms. However, there are possibly more precise codepoints in the CJK Radicals extension (0x2ecc and 0x2ecd), but they are not part of kanjidic2 and not displayed by most fonts. To add to the confusion, there is also 0xfa66.

Sanzui radical

We have different candidates again, 0x2ea1 (radicals extension) and 0x6c35 (unified CJK). Once again, 0x6c35 is chosen for now.