KanjiVG (Kanji Vector Graphics) provides vector graphics and other information about kanji used by the Japanese language. For each character, it provides an SVG file which gives the shape and direction of its strokes, as well as the stroke order. Each file is also enriched with information about the components of the character such as the radical, or the type of stroke employed.

It is very easy to create stroke order diagrams, animations, kanji dictionaries, and much more using KanjiVG. See Projects using KanjiVG for a growing list of applications of the KanjiVG data.


The KanjiVG diagrams are simply SVG files, and may be viewed in any web browser or other SVG viewer. See the links at the left under "Format" for details of the file internals.

Reporting errors

Report incorrect kanji at the KanjiVG Github issues page. You need a Github account. Alternatively, use the mailing list.


KanjiVG is copyright © 2009-2024 Ulrich Apel. It is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.


Use our mailing list to report mistakes, or discuss anything related to KanjiVG.

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